Tuesday, December 30, 2008

iMobileCinema v2 Beta 2 Released

iMobileCinema for iPhone 2.x firmware Beta 2 (v2.1.2144) is released.

IMPORTANT: We added VP6 decoder in this release, so lots of "failed to play" videos should be playable now, BUT most of them will be laggy due to the capacity of iPhone CPU. We'll optimize the decoder in next beta release.

A controller for turning on/off iMobileCinema is released, for resolving the conflicts with Youtube Mobile, Megaupload, etc. The controller is a BossPrefs plug-in, and is published in our Cydia source. After turn on or turn off iMobileCinema in BossPrefs, you need refresh web page in Safari to take effect.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

iMobileCinema v2 Beta 1 Released

iMobileCinema for iPhone 2.x firmware Beta 1 (v2.1.2121) bug fix list:
1. Scrub crash bug fixed (we do not support seek yet);
2. No audio bug fixed;
3. Sleep mode disabled during playback;
4. Better performance during web loading.

First beta release was in a hurry. So we decided to release a better beta version today.

Some live broadcast sites are using rtmp protocol to deliver videos, e.g., mtv.com, hulu.com. We'll try to support the protocol later. And playing embedded mp3, like singsbox.com, is a good idea and we'll try to support it too.

Thanks for the recommended websites in your comments, we are trying to support them as soon as we can.

Friday, December 19, 2008

iMobileCinema for 2.x Beta Released

iMobileCinema for 2.x firmware beta version is released today. Here are some screenshots about visiting youtube.

And we are trying to provide better supports for more web sites.

Here are some bugs the we already knew:
1. Dragging the seek slider while playing cause crash;
2. Pausing or rebuffering may cause no audio;
3. Not response on the gravity inducer. 

That's why we published a beta testing version. But it does work most of the time. So, have a nice weekend, with or without our beta version.

Monday, December 15, 2008

iMobileCinema for 2.x Beta Will Be Released

Hi everyone, it's a long time since our last post. Good news, we got rid of the annoying UI part now.

And we added a new feature that displays the thumbnail picture if we can get one.

There is still a little problem in our current developing version, affects the stability. Anyway, we are going to fix it, and release a beta version of iMobileCinema for iPhone 2.x firmware support, in this week!

Monday, December 1, 2008

iMobileCinema Porting Work to 2.x Is Half Done

iMobileCinema developers made flash videos playable on 2.x iPhone today. Here is a photo grabbed from iPhone directly, showing the video is playing and floating over the youtube page.

But there is a lot of other works to finish. The next step is porting video control interface. Thanks for everyone's attention, and be patient for our release.

Why can't I install iMobileCinema via Installer.app?

Some iPhone cannot install iMobileCinema via Installer. But we don't know the reason yet. So if you failed by add the source http://d.imobilecinema.com, try this one,
Could yout leave a comment to tell us whether it works?

Uninstall iMobileCinema on iPhone 2.x firmware

iMobileCinema is not supported 2.x firmware yet. If you installed it by mistake, it would crash every flash webpage. So you may want it uninstalled.

Follow this instruction to uninstall it manually.

We are working on the new version of iMobileCinema for 2.x firmware now. Please be patient for our release and do not install the improper versions.

Is iMobileCinema a Flash Player for Safari?

The answer is no. Even iMobileCinema acts like a Flash plug-in, but it can't play Flash contents, like flash games, flash ads. It only plays Flash Videos that embedded in a webpage.

iMobileCinema can't decode Flash files (.swf) due it's complexity. So we had to choose to decode Flash Videos (.flv) only. It decodes and plays the flash video in real-time while it's buffering. And we are trying to support all the video podcast websites.