Sunday, December 21, 2008

iMobileCinema v2 Beta 1 Released

iMobileCinema for iPhone 2.x firmware Beta 1 (v2.1.2121) bug fix list:
1. Scrub crash bug fixed (we do not support seek yet);
2. No audio bug fixed;
3. Sleep mode disabled during playback;
4. Better performance during web loading.

First beta release was in a hurry. So we decided to release a better beta version today.

Some live broadcast sites are using rtmp protocol to deliver videos, e.g.,, We'll try to support the protocol later. And playing embedded mp3, like, is a good idea and we'll try to support it too.

Thanks for the recommended websites in your comments, we are trying to support them as soon as we can.


Antoine said...

so much better! it's fantastic 'cause I can watch series on my ipod with megavideo! thank you so much!

theclueless said...

awesome! no sleep mode works much better now. but when a phone call comes in, it automatically send back to the website instead of resume playing

jer said...

Awesome update! Thanks for crunchyroll support! Would love if there was a way to handle system events like when an SMS comes through. Currently the video will quit. Some way to remember last played position would be awesome.

Franky said...

.. !! =D Hello !

We really DO LOVE your work !!
Thanks thanks thanks a lot, I'm watching my favorite videos very smoothly.

But I've found a little bug which wasn't in the "Beta 0" release, here is how to reproduce it.

- Go to with your device
- Choose on the top "Series / Animes en streaming"
- On the left, there are some links. Navigate to the section "Series Streaming" then "Accéder aux séries (389)"
- Choose Desperate Housewifes (why not ? :) )
- Choose "Saison 5 => Episode 2"

And .. there we are !
What happens : The little "play" button appears, BUT you can click a million times, the video won't show up =(

Workaround : going to the "Voir cette vidéo sur Megavideo" (= see this video on megavideo) solves the "problem".

Anyway.. The Holy Graal is there, we've flash videos right on iPod touch / iPhone ! And thanks to this, you make me forget this very little bug =)

Keep up the excellent job you've done so far !

Oh, by the way.. I'm running an iPod touch (1st gen) with 2.2 software.

Thanks for reading this comment !

Best regards,

François Gilbert

zizimilan said...

congratulation for the possible on future live streming from or tvchannelsfree ?

Alexander said...

This is probably one of my top 5 best app ever. I have long wanted to have flash support for iphone but stupid apple doesnt want to make their device a perfect device.

I hope you guys can have flash support on these sites

I hope one day, it can support all flash sites, I dont know whats the difference with their flash version but we hope all of them can be supported somehow

Alexander said...

oh and support will be freakin awesome, seriously

Adam said...

Can you get this working on the videos on this site there are a lot and it is the mother load

This is great thank you for all your hard work how do we donate?

Pauras said...


Pauras said...

is it possible to up
because some videos are .wmv

Kurry said...

Crunchyroll played video when I chose Low Quality, only problem is there was no sound :(

景斌 said...

some video can't play..
after load buffer
have a error message is
"failed to play the video"

anyone get this error too?
or just my iphone?
iphone info: 2g . verson:2.2(5G77)

Sai C said...

Thank you so much.
the audio problem seems not been fully fixed.
and some video searched by google video cannot be played.
ipod touch 1 gen ver 2.2
anyway, it's a great app.

Johnny said...

would like to see support for

TheAnswer1313 said...


Im getting alot of "failed to play video" tho on youtube or some wont even give me the arrow to click on. I tried some other sites and got similar problem

Eugene said... it's an iPhone base website you can videos on there.

Eugene said...

Damn my bad thinking of another site that looks like vimeo it was that u can play sorry.

conker said...

please try to support thats nice site with stuff from mtv and many more greetz.

ps great job lookin forwoard for final rev

kiding0 said...

Please support

Juppy said... please :D

Evan said...

Fantastic application! Keep up the good work and keep adding sites! This works great on the iPod Touch 1st generation running firmware 2.1!

MacD said...

Please support


jeanmarie.duetz said...

Hey Folks!

Thank you very much for your work!
It was successful on a few sites I wanted. But one of my faves is missing and won't work.
You can enter the site on the iphone by using the url:
All the videos are flv but don't seem to work?!
Please help me out. Or tell me why it doesn't work.

Sry for the bad englisch from germany...


Ben said...

Appreciate if you could also support the following Hong Kong TV websites:

Thanks very much for your excellent work!!

Kim said...

please support, and :)
There is a new User-Agent Faker program on cyida (UAFaker) that lets you view the non-mobile versions of those websites and it would be awesome to be able to watch the videos on there!

Treas0n said...

Can you give some documentation describing how web developers can modify their websites to play flv in imobilecinema?

For example on my site I use JW FLV player ( ) which is very a commonly used flv player. I'll happily switch to another player or modify it if you tell me how.

Great Job btw :-)

waleed said...

hey great job dude, just fix the audio bug, its actually quite good for first 30 sec, but apparently after 30, it just disconnects itself...well i had a idea, i know that u people already had this idea in your mind; like transforming a android or some other handheld device's flash player software to can reprogram it for iphone too...well many genius can try like you ^o)

Linus said...

Lovely! Support for would be great.

Kevin said...


I like the theme of this app. I can't find any good websites to watch full length shows and movies on with it though. Instead of posting the websites that you want it to work on, can everyone post websites that it already works well on?

Working with UA Faker would be great too. And is probably the ultimate website that this would be good for.


Mr. Cambron said...

i tryin go my iphone but it no work with imobilecinema , and video fail to load from youtube