Monday, December 1, 2008

Is iMobileCinema a Flash Player for Safari?

The answer is no. Even iMobileCinema acts like a Flash plug-in, but it can't play Flash contents, like flash games, flash ads. It only plays Flash Videos that embedded in a webpage.

iMobileCinema can't decode Flash files (.swf) due it's complexity. So we had to choose to decode Flash Videos (.flv) only. It decodes and plays the flash video in real-time while it's buffering. And we are trying to support all the video podcast websites.


merten said...


Nice work ^^

wen is this hitting Cydia ore installer ?

ps. can you giv out the beta vertion on installer ore cydia ?

just post the repo here in the comment

iMobileCinema said...

Hi merten,

Cydia will be supported on iMobileCinema for 2.x iPhone. The beta version will be released soon.

chesh said...

Will this play videos from sites like hulu, vimeo, etc? Or only Google video/You tube?

zizimilan said...

good possible with this application to see videos on tvchannelfree or justin tv?

i_man said...

installed it on iphone with firmwate of 2.0.2 and I got vidoes on some websites including google. keep up the good work guys, cant wait for all the websites to be ur domain!