Friday, January 9, 2009

iMobileCinema v2 Beta 3 Released

iMobileCinema for iPhone 2.x firmware Beta 3 (v2.1.2188) is released.

What's new
1. VP6 decoder optimized;
2. SBSettings controller added;
3. Bugs fixed.

We changed back to software audio decoding from hardware, because we were troubled in the sound cutting off problem while using hardware decoder. But hardware decoder has lower CPU usage. To enable it, you need to change configuration manually, which located in:


and change the value of item isUseAudioHA to ture.


Annoymous said...

First I want to say thank you so much for bring us such awesome application. I was getting ready to dump the iPhone for G1 because of the flash support, but now... screw the G1 :)

I have had the chance to play with the iMobileCinema v2 Beta 3 for a couple hours now. And I am hopping i can provide some valuable feedback.

1. Zoom (double tap or zoom button) doesn't work. I think the zoom button was to replace double tap, and you just havn't got around to finish the zoom button functionality.

2. I am currently having audio/video out of sync issue, after video buffering pauses, every pause causes about 1/2 sec sync problem (video faster then audio)

3. Also sometime after video buffering, audio would cut out, and won't come back.

4. some flash site stream much slower then their PC counter parts. Video on PC would take 2 minute to completely load a 10 minute video from start to finish. But on iPhone, it will take almost 15 minute (with many video buffering session). I notice this only for certain sites. Not sure what is causing it.
Problematic sites: (sound cut out sometimes after buffering)
Site that have no slow down problems.

5. Seeking, both into loaded video, and not yet loaded video doesn't work. But I am sure that is a feature to be implemented :)

6. Lastly this is more of a programing question. Since iPhone memory is so limited, what are you planning to do when loading a file that is more then available memory in RAM (ie 2 hour movie from Hulu or Megavideo, that is 400MB+). I am curious what strategy you are going to adopt to solve this problem.

Well thank you again for all the hard work, and hope that my feed back are of some help to you

Anonymous said...

Viewing videos from has a problem. The audio plays as per normal but the image displayed is forever stuck as the same image from the first second of the video

drumthrasher109 said...

During the configuration stage in Cydia, I get this error:

subprocess post-installation script
returned error exit status 137

Any ideas?

yozzozo said...

I've also seen the same issue that jupchinbom was talking about... on many different sites now. On some videos, they play fine, on some, the image never changes from the 1st frame of the video (but audio plays fine). Maybe this has something to do with the keyframes in the FLV file?
I've seen it where it clearly has enough buffer, but playback is choppy... like it plays for 2 seconds, then pauses for a second, then plays again. I'm a Flash coder, and if it were Flash, I'd look at the keyframes embedded in the FLV.

Here's another problem: sometimes when I load a video, then press DONE, and load another video, Safari crashes.

yozzozo said...

Here's another observation... when you change the volume control (while playing a video), the video playback doesn't update, like it's paused.

Is the update UI code in the same thread as the video playback?? Just had to ask... you should definitely make the video playback a separate thread, synchronized with the rest of the app.

vsbalint said...

A question: is there any chance to see live broadcasts from
Would be perfect
Good luck

theclueless said...

while this one fixed the sound problem, it broke, as it crashes safari while the page is finished loading

erik said...

Thanks for the update :)
Well i still have the same problem with movies that can't be played. In youtube you are first able to view all movies. Then just after a while ALL movies stops to works. YOu can't play them at all. Seems to be a bugg.

Alexander said...

I dont have any problems yet on the new version. I dont have any audio cut off like I had during the last version.

Only big wish I have is that, PLEASE INCLUDE JUSTIN.TV support on the next version :)

DJ said...

I too would like to thank you for this nice software, however I do get the issue of some videos failing to play and others will load and only play 1 frame and the progress bar will continue to load and the time line progresses but the video remains on the one frame

I hope maybe this is a common issue that will be easily resolvable

DSprings said...

Yesterday i watched several full movies on flawlessly with a combined total of about 30 seconds of buffering, this is much faster than my pc. Today however not one video will work. even the ones that i watched less than 24 hours ago will no longer load. The say "video has failed to load" or something of the sort. It was very nice while it lasted and i hope that this bug can be fixed or someone can tell me what ive done wrong. I knew that this was too good to be true

c0tt0nm0uth said...

the one that dsprings experienced happened to me to. the first time i installed imobilecinema it was perfectly working. the last time i had watch was 2 days ago. but yesterday til now i cant watch videos especially youtube & megavideo. i hope someone can fix our problem. im planning to restore my iphone again and do all the installation in jailbreaking but im thinking im just wasting my time on doing that, and it will be all the same. thats y i hope someone would help us...

c0tt0nm0uth said...
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Michael J. Cohn said...
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Anonymous Mind said... would be great. thanks for the effort!

andrea said...

Hi, this is a loveable app!! would it be possible to output video to tv using composite video cable? i tried but it didn't work, it would be awesome if it could be possible!

mrjangx2 said...

hello i loveee your app. but after i followed the guide to get the imobilecinema. i got imobilecinema(for2.x)
and i was very good till some megavideo videos come up "failed to play the video!" and i found out there is imobilecinema v2 and it fixed some problems. can some one anyone who know how to upgread it to version 2 or beta 3 or 4 help me or maybe there is another source? please help me and you can email me.

Martin said...

First off, Thanks for your great work!!

i cant watch megavideo? i thought suppose i could usig iMobileCienma?
After i installed imobilecinema, now when i go into a megavideo's video, it shows a PLAY button, but after it buffer, it says "Failed to play this file"

i need to watch TV drama from :D
Please help me!!

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